Our Story

Who is The SYM Group?

The SYM Group is an expansion of Tami Curry, LLC that once solely focused on mindful career and business coaching. Tami Curry is a multifamily property management expert; impacting communities since 2008. Tami operated in many different areas of the industry from Senior Management, Marketing, Branding, Training, Due Diligence and Acquisitions.

Tami Curry, Managing Partner of The SYM Group, expanded her brand into a fully operational organization. The SYM Group shares mindful and strategic leadership practices in areas such as staffing, recruiting, marketing, consulting and project management.

The SYM Group’s mission is to exceed client expectations by creating true transformation within the community; connecting compassionate professionals to mindful organizations using innovation and automation. The company will provide professionals with a safe and independent environment. It will also provide businesses with a high-caliber of career professionals available for project or permanent work.

The SYM Group listens to individual needs and customizes personnel solutions for both businesses and career professionals.

Our vision is to navigate with purpose and interconnect qualified people to equitable opportunities.

We value Humanity First, Integrity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Transparency

Why do we exist?

  • Companies need qualified people
  • Companies need people interested in doing the job
  • Companies need a consistency of both